We offer unrivalled support and guidance to all that attend The ArtriumĀ . Our qualified support workers and mentors offer one to one support as well as general health assistance and signposting to additional services.

“Arts therapists are skilled in whichever medium they use and they will help you to express yourself by creating art. They will then help you to make sense of what you have created in relation to your life experience and your state of mind.” (

To support our members we provide various services to meet their differing needs.

These services can range from those who require short term support to regain their independence to people with complex needs who require intensive support to enjoy a good quality of life.
To achieve this we use art as a tool in the rehabilitation of memebers.

For some people, art therapies may provide more profound and long-lasting healing than more standard forms of treatment for mental health problems. They can provide a powerful means of expression and a release from trauma.

“Art therapies are particularly helpful if you feel distanced from your feelings or if you find it too upsetting to talk about painful experiences. It may benefit you to try our methods if you find it difficult to benefit from other types of therapy, such as counselling or psychotherapy”. (

Using creative methods, you can express your feelings without words, come to terms with events, or learn to live with the memory of difficult experiences.