Joining The Artrium is easy! Simply request a membership form from the studio or download the Membership  Form here
and Membership Form Inserts here.
 Complete it and read the insert sheets which will answer any questions you may have.

We will then discuss your needs and concerns to address your health and well being, make a plan for you and discuss the package options available.

The Artrium offers a warm, friendly atmosphere in which to express yourself without fear of judgement. It is a place to mix and meet new people and, if you wish become involved in group projects and activities. It it also a facility to exhibit your work. No one enters our doors as a stranger, just friends that haven’t yet met.

Anyone over the age of 18 may join us. You can attend as many times during the week as you wish, dependant on your particular package option.

We have a small library and an IT suite. You can research art, artists, art techniques and new ideas as well as learn and experience art from around the world or even produce art-forms from a computer.

Photocopying, scanning and laminating are also available for members as are opportunities for gallery visits and days out (all chargeable).