Below are comments from the Headmaster of Stranton School and the community manager from St Hilds School, both located in Hartlepool.

“I would just like to say thank you for the fantastic workshops that colleagues from the ARTRIUM put on in Stranton School earlier this year.”

“Volunteers from The Artrium have introduced a diverse and creative range of arts and crafts workshops which have proved hugely popular as an after school activity and as part of our family learning programme.”

One of our main priorities are working in the community, teaching, supporting and increasing social cohesion.

Our overall objective with everyone that we come into contact with is to build up their confidence and self esteem and return them to the community or to reduce the need for prescribed medication.

The Artrium strives to ensure the whole community gets involved in one way or another, but one of the best ways we have found is to start at an early age.

We have completed outreach at several schools, community centres and retirement homes in Hartlepool such as St Hilds School, St Cuthberts School, Barnard Grove, Hartfields Retirement Home, Sheraton Court and Burbank Community Centre.

We do have to make a charge for what we do and aim for 100% satisfaction. We also always ask for your feedback.

We are available to work in the whole of the North East Region.

If you are a teacher or Head of Year and would like us to visit your school then do not hesitate to contact us on (01429) 867775 to arrange an initial appointment to discuss your needs.