Personal Progression

The best recommendations come from those that get satisfaction from a service. Below are a selection of comments from out members that have made great improvement in their well being and get great satisfaction from attanding The Artrium

Richard Slack IDRichard Slack.
“The Studio has been a great help to me and the community. I’ve enjoyed socialising with the members. The staff members and volunteers are very supportive”



Diana Liddell.jpg for new bookDiana Liddell.
“I really enjoy coming to The Artrium. The people are very friendly and helpful. I make jewellery and I am now quite skilled and use my experience to show others how to make jewellery. To me, The Artrium is a relaxing atmosphere in which to gain new skills without stress. I LOVE IT!!”



Terry Alexander  for bookTerry Alexander. “I have been coming to The Artrium for over 2 years and I have been given lots of support and guidance for my problems. My skills have improved immensely.  No one is judged and everyone just gets on. I have improved my artistic skills and made many new friends”.




GandEGeorge and Enid Cuniff. “We have been attending The Artrium for many years. It helps motivate us and we meet lots of interesting people. I like pencil drawing and The Artrium have organised an exhibition of my work in the local library. Enid produces knitwear to raise funds for our important cause”.




Alex NugeAlex Nugent IDnt.
“I absolutely love coming to the Artrium; it has changed my life for the better. It’s a lovely, helpful and relaxing environment with great staff, volunteers and members. A wonderful place to go and express your artistic skills”.



Sharon Walton - Volunteer

Sharon Walton. “After spending my whole day watching TV for more years than I care to remember, I joined The Artrium, I was at rock bottom. My life has been turned around now and I attend schools to demonstrate craft sessions. I have a lot to thank The Artrium for”.