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This page will hold website related info such as stats and updates:


Updated website to be more in line with images and text in our new booklet


We had a virus attack on our website. I have removed any offending files and scanned the site completely, so it should be safe to use.
If you use our website you should run a thorough antivirus scan on your computer.


Updated WordPress to version 4.0 and it has messed up our theme – we are currently running a new theme until I canfigure out why the old one vanished – simple fix , I restored the old theme from a backup and all now looks good


No one has ever used GiVingabit with The Artrium as the receivig charity (except myself) – So far 18p has been raised.
This might be because no one knows how to use it. So:-
I am working on a video presentation that will demonstrate how to create a GiVingabit account, setting up a link to a charity eg The Artrium and then showing how to make an online purchase at a store that supports GiVingabit. click for video


Reinstated the Funding pages – which now only contains theĀ  ‘giving a bit’ link.


Added an introductory video to our YouTube channel


Added Sainsbury’s Local Charity 2014 to the header.
Changed the default font to Arial.
Added Sainbury’s Promo Page with photos from Saturday 2nd August at Sainsbury’s Merlin Way.


There is now a slider puzzle on the site under ‘About Us’ – the image was originally George and Enid, but I have changed it to the Leaves Of Mind logo. The error message is something I will have to look into, but I think it does not affect the working of the puzzle.

The website header has been reworked and now looks a bit neater.


We now have a favicon – if you save The Artium Website as a favourite there is now a small icon associated with the link which appears in your favourites list.
Added ‘The Shop’ under the Artefacts Tab – this gives the location of the shop in relation to the studio. Map sizes have been increased to full width.
We can now have multiple Google Maps on the website.
Added Find Us page with map and address, so that the Contact Us page has only the contact form now and is simpler.


Changed all gallery pages to slideshows


Changed the ‘The Gallery’ display from static images to a Slide Show


The good news is that we can have embedded video on the site without using any of our bandwidth – see the Video Test tab.
You can now contact Web Admin on rob@theartrium.org.uk


YouTube channel header seems stable now on my computers – if anyone notices any problems with it please use the contact form on ‘Contact Us’ page.


Temporarily added non Artrium Header to our YouTube channel because the Artrium Header keeps behaving strangely. Possibly due to using all white backgrounds … needs investigating


Added Sainsbury’s Sponsorship to the website header. Also created a dedicated YouTube Channel for The Artrium Studio Hartlepool – we may never need it , but it is free and does not use our valuable web resources.
Added Embedded video test page to see what effect it has on bandwidth usage – Sainsbury’s Video – It looks like embedded video does not use a significant amount of our bandwidth.


The Database for the website has been reduced in size by resizing most images , consequently our bandwidth usage has been reducedĀ  from 1 Gigabyte per day to 100 Megabytes.


All links to online donations have been suspended temporarily – the Donations Tabs have been removed from the menus.


  1. Removed the ‘Charity Giving’ link at the request of Colin – may be reinstated once any problems are resolved.
  2. Turned off the animated header which was using too much of our monthly allotted bandwidth.
  3. Volunteer application form and job /person spec is now in .pdf format.
  4. Member application form is now in .pdf format and can be printed in A4 or A3 using Adobe Reader.
  5. Added Hartlepool Business Forum Logos for Community Award 2013 and 2104 to the website header.
  6. Removed the mobile number from the ‘call us’ icon


Some website news – we’ve had 1.5GB of traffic on the website since yesterday – probably due to the large animated header – I will leave it there until tomorrow to see how the traffic changes – then turn it off and see what effect that has on traffic levels.

July 2014
Average Daily
Hits 3685

June 2014
Average Daily
Hits 461


Added an animated header to the website – comments welcome (Rob Battram)


Upgraded WordPress to latest version and now able to update content.
Sorted out the errors and fixed the Google Map. If anyone notices anything that is not working please use the contact page to inform us. Thanks (Rob Battram)