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 When will my Annual Membership start?

Your membership will start on the date your membership fee is paid. The start and end date will be written on your membership card which you will receive in your Welcome Pack once enrolled into the service. Part payments will be logged until membership is paid fully. You will receive a receipt upon each payment for your reference.


How long will my Annual Membership last?

Your membership will last 12 full calendar months from the start date and will automatically finish on the annual renewal date shown on your membership card. You will receive a letter informing you of your membership renewal a month before the actual date.


What do I need to know about paying my membership fee?

Annual membership fees must be paid in full within 2 months of agreeing to join. Failure to do so will cancel your membership and any fees already paid cannot be refunded. Your membership gives you the right to attend Artrium on whatever day you wish and as many times as you wish (respective of your personal package).

An additional daily session fee must be paid by Basic Package members. This entitles you to a full day (7 hours) in the studio. Membership and daily fees goes towards general costs such as electricity, communication, domestic products and administration, any costs incurred by the use of certain art materials should be paid direct to Artrium staff.


How do I renew my annual membership?

If you want to continue your membership after the first year, you will need to pay your membership fees on or before your renewal date. You will receive a letter from us a month before renewal is due. However, please keep a copy of your membership agreement as it will indicate your renewal date.

Where appropriate, we can help arrange meetings with social workers to ensure your package is still suitable to your needs (and personal budget) and renewal of membership fees are paid appropriately.


What if fees change during my membership?

As long as your membership with us is active, your membership fees will stay the same. We will only increase your membership fees if we have no other alternative, we will not ask you for further fees once you have paid until your renewal is due. We will give you written notice of any changes to prices in advance.


What if I cannot pay my membership in one go?

You can arrange a payment plan with the Project Manager. This could be paying weekly or monthly for your annual membership and can be tailored to your individual circumstances. Fees must be paid within two months of start date (see point 3).


Can I put my membership on hold?

We will permit you to put your membership on hold if you have a medical condition that stops you from using the HASL facilities. We will put your membership on hold for between three and twelve months but will need to see proof of your medical condition, such as a doctor’s certificate.

We will add any periods your membership has been on hold to the end of your annual term. This means that your renewal date will change but you will still get 12 months’ active membership.


Can I end my membership early?

You may only end your membership early after you have been a member for more than six months. A pro rata refund (per full month) will be repaid minus a 10% admin fee. Alternatively, you can cancel if the circumstances in section 9 (see below) apply.



Can I end my membership for medical reasons or because I’m moving house?

 You may terminate your membership early if you:

 a.) have a medical condition that stops you from using the HASL facilities

 b.) move house and your new home is more than 20 minutes’ drive from the studio in Park Road, Hartlepool as measured by the RAC/AA route planner. We will need to see proof of these circumstances.

You are responsible for making sure that we have received your written notice and any proof of circumstances.


Can my partner (husband/wife) join on my membership?

No. Your partner will need their own membership as outlined in points 1/2/3 of this document. Members who join in this way are both responsible for the payment of all membership fees.


My Membership Package

You will receive a free consultation with Artrium staff, upon completing your two free sessions, regarding the best package to suit your needs but ultimately you are responsible for making sure you are on the membership package that best suits your circumstances. If your circumstances change at any time, it is up to you to inform us. We will do our utmost to amend your package so that it best suits your needs. Please ensure you are aware of all payments and associated costs (of fees and materials) as it is not always possible to change your package midterm.  


Our Facilities

We may need to change our opening hours or the facilities available at the studio, for example for cleaning, refurbishment, repairs or for special sessions. Where possible, we will put notices up and inform you if we are planning to do this.

If a large part of HASL’s overall facilities is not available for at least 20 out of 60 days due to events out of our control, you may be entitled to an appropriate refund. Written evidence of this will be required so in any event we would expect it to be stated (and minutes taken) at a general meeting.


What happens if I change my mind?

You can cancel your membership by giving us written notice within 48 hours of signing the membership application/agreement form (unless you use your membership in this time). Unfortunately, we cannot refund your membership fee.


What happens to my Personal Information?

We are registered under the General Data Protection Regulation 2018. We take our responsibility for looking after your personal information very seriously.

For security reasons you must agree to us taking a digital photograph of you to use on our membership database. You are responsible for telling us about any changes to your personal information such as contact details or change of address etc.


Our right to cancel your Membership

We will cancel your membership with immediate effect if you seriously or repeatedly

  1. break the terms and conditions of HASL rules
  2. put the health, safety or wellbeing of our staff or members at risk
  3. use inappropriate language or behaviour to any other person in the studio
  4. engage in disruptive or violent behaviour
  5. fail to pay your daily fees 4 times in succession
  6. steal or abuse any of the facilities provided by HASL
  7. provoke conflict between members
  8. bring into the premises or use in the premises alcohol or non-prescribed drugs (or be under the influence of either)

If we cancel your membership, we cannot refund your membership fees for the rest your term with us.  We have the right to cancel any membership at any time with appropriate notification.


Changes to these Terms and Conditions

We may change these terms and conditions. If we change our terms and conditions, a date of the new version will be advised. We will tell you about any changes via the HASL notice board and written confirmation of these changes will be sent to you.


Our Responsibility to You

We will not be held responsible for any possessions lost damaged or stolen by anyone, unless we have been negligent. Lockers are provided for your personal belongings at a refundable deposit of £10. Lockers are provided on a First Come First Serve basis as we have just 20.

If you have an accident or injure yourself at the studio you must report this to the Project Manager immediately (if possible), or at least within 48 hours.



The Terms of my Contract

These terms and conditions, outlined in your membership application/agreement form and the HASL house rules make up the whole contract between us and you.

It is important that you read and understand all of the documents and are happy with the information in them before you sign your membership agreement form.

If you do not have any of these documents, please ask a member of staff and we will give them to you.


Resigning from my Annual Membership because I am moving house

Within our terms and conditions of membership we agree that if you move house we may accept your contractual period of notice to resign your membership, even if the end date of your resignation falls within your minimum term. (See point 9)

This condition is subject to:

  1. your having been a member of HASL for a minimum period of 3 months with no membership fees outstanding
  2. your new address not being 20 minutes’ travel by vehicle as per the AA route planner is considered reasonable travelling distance

We will require proof of moving house before accepting your resignation. Examples of proof can include - a utility bill, mortgage statement, tenancy agreement or similar confirming your new address.




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